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Wine Tasting Courses
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Certification in Wine Tasting and Consulting - WSET® Level 2

660 / pers

€660 - 3 days / 21 hours 

A certifying wine tasting course on all styles of wines and the factors that influence their quality: grapes, terroirs and know-how. Discover food and wine pairings and the main wine regions of France and the world.

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Certification in Wine Tasting and Consulting - WSET® Level 3

1100 / pers

€1100 - 5 days / 35 hours

A certifying training course in the advanced techniques of wine tasting and the quality factors of wines in relation to in-depth knowledge of the different wine regions of the world.

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Certifying Wine Tasting Courses

For professionals or enthusiasts, Ecole du Vin de France
offers internationally recognized intensive certifying courses.
Share the knowledge and expertise of our wine experts
with France’s leader in wine tasting qualification.

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