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Audience analysis cookies collect anonymous information and generate reports on statistics concerning use of the site without individual users being personally identified by Ecole du Vin. We may use this data to optimise our Website and make browsing easier.

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Preference cookies save choices made by users of our site, such as their language, or they remember logins to access a secure part of the site. Users thus benefit from more customised functionalities. The information gathered does not allow users to be identified personally or their browsing activity to be monitored.

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Some of these cookies may be saved on your computer and used by third parties. This happens when the displayed content comes from a third-party site or when you click the "Share" button on our site. In these two cases, your computer receives a cookie from the third-party site in question. These third-party sites include providers of social media sites such facebook. These cookies allow third parties to collect and store information, such as user preferences and pages visited for advertising purposes or to improve their services. Please note that we have no control over these cookies from third parties and that we are not responsible for their operation. Please visit the sites concerned to view their policy in terms of cookies.