Certifying Wine Tasting Courses

For professionals or enthusiasts, Ecole du Vin de France offers internationally recognized intensive certifying courses.

Share the knowledge and expertise of our wine experts with France’s leader in wine tasting qualification.

International Recognition

Ecole du Vin de France is officially recognized worlwide by the National Commission of Professional Certification. With more than 15,000 people from France and around the world joining the industry each year, you benefit from our formidable global network.

Wine Tasting Courses for a Variety of Profiles

Wine enthusiasts; people from the world of wine or wishing to gain access to the sector: import, export, marketing, wine merchant, sommelier; the hotel, restaurant, luxury, tourism and communication industries; people in professional retraining or with an interest in French culture.

Customized Teaching Methods

Our programs are adapted to your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced, as well as to your schedule (for intensive courses).

Training focusses on hands-on practice, the sharing of knowledge and comprehensive teaching materials such as books and learning guides. At the end of your training course there is an assessment, followed by certification upon successful completion.