Customized Wine Tasting Courses

Private tailor-made training sessions to meet your wants and needs.

For industry professionals

  • wines and spirits,
  • hotel and F&B industries,
  • tourism,
  • luxury and gastronomy

For your service collaborators

  • import and export,
  • marketing,
  • communication,
  • sales and purchases, etc.

Your Objectives

  • Better sell your wines in retail outlets, the hotel and F&B industries, on export markets, etc.
  • Sharpen your approach to purchising, elaborate your wine list.
  • Master your vocabulary to speak abour wines like a true expert.
  • Build on your wine knowledge and improve your wine-tasting skills.

Together, we will assess your projects and offer you personalized solutions to suit the needs of your employees.

Our Certifying Training Courses

Our à la carte programs

We can also create the training of your choice in the language of your choice

  • how to serve wine,
  • food and wine pairing,
  • English wine vocabulary,
  • marketing,
  • specific wines.

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