One Team, One Goal: Sharing Expertise

Our motto: Know how to share, share what you know

Graduates in enology and wine tasting with solid experience in France and abroad, our experts have only one goal: to share their expertise and make your experience at Ecole du Vin de France unforgettable.

When not giving lessons, they roam the vineyards and share their discoveries with you.

Olivier Thiénot

Director and Founder of Ecole du Vin de France

A graduate of the Sorbonne and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust of London (WSET), Olivier has been running Ecole du Vin de France since October 2003. As an expert in the wine industry he has been conducting conferences and seminars worldwide for over 20 years.

His goal is to make Ecole du Vin de France the world reference, backed by his ever-growing network of experts. If Olivier came to the world of wine by passion, he never forgets wine is foremost a veritable art de vivre.

Vinny Mazzara

Ecole du Vin Expert

Of Italian origin, Vinny Mazzara is passionate about wine from France and elsewhere. The world of wine is her true calling.

A graduate sommelier of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust of London (WSET), she is a trainer at Ecole du Vin de France, both expert and consultant. She previously served as head sommelier in the finest Parisian restaurants (Alain Ducasse, Hôtel le Bristol, Caves Taillevent).

Nathalie Anguenot

Ecole du Vin Expert

Passionate about winemaking, Nathalie Anguenot holds several diplomas. An agricultural engineer and certified in wine tasting, she serves as a consultant for several prestigious vineyards, from vine-planting to bottling.

A woman of action, she enjoys communicating her passion for wine, a subtle combination of terroir expression and winemaking talent.

Thierry Dorge

Ecole du Vin Expert

A graduate in viticulture and wine tasting from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and the holder of a professional certificate in sensory analysis, Thierry Dorge is THE best-value-for-money specialist. Apt at finding talent, he excels in the discovery of new winemakers.

He is committed to sharing his distinguished expertise in wine tasting. Member of the Association of Sommeliers of Paris, he teaches numerous courses, workshops and events for Ecole du Vin.

Marie-Dominique Bradford

Ecole du Vin Expert

Marie-Dominique Bradford was born in a Burgundian family. In order to prove wine was flowing through her veins, she passed all the qualifications of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust before becoming a certified expert.

Three years of further development at the Institute of Masters of Wine were necessary in her determination to share her knowledge. Tirelessly browsing vineyards, she knows the best and brightest of our winemakers. She runs Trois Fois Vin. She is mostly in charge of intensive training courses.

Sandrine Audegond

Ecole du Vin Expert

A recognized expert in food and wine pairings, Sandrine Audegond is the author of several popular books on the subject. She always finds just the right word when talking about a flavor or a wine. She also attended the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine and is dedicated today to making wine more accessible to all.

She insists on greater access to the wine tasting experience via the learning of an appropriate vocabulary.

Laurent Tépélos

Ecole du Vin Expert

Laurent has really done quite a lot of learning: engineer, graduate in viticulture and wine tasting, holder of an MBA, graduate of the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits and a course at the Institute of Master of Wine!

As a fine connoisseur of the terroirs of the world, Laurent understands that communication works best when done with the right attitude and combined with a maximum of "hands on" experience.

Matthew Stubbs, Master of Wine

Ecole du Vin Expert

Matthew began his career in the wine trade in the UK in 1987. With 14 years experience in wine distribution and marketing, he took on the role of purchasing manager at the British supermarket chain Safeway where he managed the wine selection for over 500 stores.

In 1996, he obtained the title Master of Wine, the most prestigious distinction in the world of wine.

In 2004, Matthew moved to France to carry out the project he had long dreamed of: teaching and discovering Languedoc-Rousillon wines.